Mr. Morrill  has been studying the martial arts since 1984. The arts that he mainly focused on were Kempo Karate, Kajukenbo  and Traditional Chinese Kung Fu. He learned Kempo Karate at George Pesare's Kaito Gakko (school of schools) in Providence Rhode Island. He learned Kajukenbo from instructors from the southwest.. He addtionally lived in Taipei Taiwan and the People's Republic of China. It was there that he learned Chinese (language) and traditional Kung Fu. In recent years, he has been teaching classes of  Kajukenbo  and classes of Kempo Karate.

MASTERS who are recognized by our school and organization

Professor Alex Elias 8th Degree black belt

James Morrill (instructor of the institute)

Kurt Parisi (IKCG champion belt holder)William Kowalski 6th Degree black belt 


Casey Su Morrill 



Clare Su-Morrill

Htoo Hay Ma

Lee Reh

Mya Noe Aung



All Members of the IKCG are recognized as parnters in my vision for the martial arts.

All members of the Kenpo Karate Institute/George Pesare's Kaito Gakko are partners as well.

All baove members are recognized as black belts in and by my institiute.

We are an IKCG school.

The immediate board of are (alphabeltical order) Professor Alex Elias, Jim Morrill, and Kurt Parisi










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